Zoom and pan?

On 30 Jun 2005, at 03:03, Edward A. Falk wrote:

Hi all; xplan sources now available via CVS on sourceforge.  Sources
include a fix for the zoom bug reported earlier.


I grabbed the latest sources today with CVS, but I'm still seeing strange behaviour if I click the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons. If I pan to put my waypoint of interest at the centre of the display, and click Zoom In, this waypoint is near the bottom of the zoomed window. Is this the desired behaviour?

Panning - I note that if I click Pan, I can only pan once, then I have to click again. Sometimes this is a pain, but it might be a pain if you had to deselect pan too. What about an option to allow using a right-click to pan? I.e. you wouldn't have to click the pan button, you could just right-click to drag the map in the direction you wanted.

Kevin Horton

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