Re: Proposed amendment to bylaws to allow non-member directors

On Tue., May 10, 2022, 9:10 a.m. Andrea Veri, <av gnome org> wrote:

unfortunately we had to re-use the voting system we use which is mainly focused on Board of Directors elections. Let me explain how it works:

1. Under candidates, you will find a list of 2 items, "yes" and "no"
2. For either yes or no to end up in your preferences list, you mainly need to click on either yes or no, you should expect to see your final choice under Preferences and the option you didn't select under Candidates
3. While you can theoretically select both and have both options added to preferences, it's preferred to only select one single option and confirm

Please let me know if that made things clearer for you, thanks!

Just to add to this, since I had this question (which was answered in the final screen) -- the selection is to answer the question: "do you support the proposed modification to allow non-member directors".


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