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Hi Philip,

On Thu, 2019-06-06 at 11:20 -0700, Philip Chimento via foundation-list
It's public knowledge that you've disagreed with decisions made by
the currently sitting board of directors. Different points of view,
disagreement, and debate within the board are normal, healthy, and
expected, but I believe that so are collaboration, respect, and trust
while engaging in debate.

On several occasions you've insinuated publicly that the current
directors are untrustworthy or involved in something shady, without
making any overt accusations that could be responded to factually. is an example of this.
I can't speak for any of the other candidates, but I would find an
atmosphere where people operate out of distrust, if it existed on the
board, detrimental to a good working relationship.

If elected to the board, how would you help to build trust and
collaborative working relationships among the directors, and
encourage healthy debate?

I did not mean to express distrust when asking for more transparency.

I am really not proud of some of the things that I said in that ticket.
But I also maintain that its handling by the Board has been far from
optimal and remains insufficient to this day[1].

I do not think that issue #60 is at all comparable with the work on the
Board. Issue #60 is all about the Board being in the position where it
holds all the information but it did not share this information in a
timely and efficient manner. On the other hand, when working inside the
Board everyone has access to the same information, creating an
environment where healthy discussions become much easier.

Furthermore, I can only stress, that I do not see any trust issues
between individuals here. This is a matter of transparency and other
concerns about the Boards handling of issue #60. Looking at the other
questions to candidates, I am not the only one with such concerns. I am
really happy to see that many candidates have brought in ideas on how
the Board can become more transparent and approachable. I am sure that
such an improved approachability will help to prevent situations like
issue #60.
I am looking forward to working with you and other Directors to
implement these ideas.


[1] Against Alexandre's explicit request his statement from the
following meeting has never been published verbatim.

PS: To anyone who might try to read issue #60, please be advised that
there are plenty of references to events that happened years ago and in
private situations. I am happy to answer questions about this, but will
likely not be able to share all details.

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