Re: Question to candidates - Minutes of the board meeting

Hi Max,

On Tue, 2019-06-04 at 08:42 +0800, Max via foundation-list wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks for running for the board.

Thanks everyone who want take times to make GNOME better.
Just a simple question about Minutes of the board meeting.

Data and information might be different.
For me - a GNOME foundation member

Data - Get "Minutes of the board meeting" after 1 month or 2 weeks after.
---- Because maybe the event is already close or over.

Thanks for expressing your concern about getting timely reports from
the board, I understand that this is important for transparency and
helps people to feel confident and well represented. In the past, I can
recall going without any updates for many months and this can be
frustrating, and I think the last few years have been much better by

I would love to be able to promise to do better if elected, but as I
have never served on the GNOME board before I am honestly not familiar
with the obstacles to getting the minutes out in a timely manner. On
the other hand, I am very familiar with circumstance of being suddenly
swamped with urgent responsibilities, and I can understand that
situations arise which cause one to fall behind on reporting ones

I think the most that we can expect of any board is that they do their
best, and I am thankful that in times when their efforts as volunteers
has been stretched thin, they have been able to prioritize on getting
things done, even if we do not always get timely reports as a result.

In all honesty I can only promise that we will do our best to be
transparent and report in a timely manner, as I am sure other boards
have made efforts, and have not always been as successful in this as
recent boards have.

Best Regards,

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