Re: Board of Directors Elections 2019 - Candidacy - Jeremy Allison

On 2019-05-31 19:34, Jeremy Allison via foundation-list wrote:
Name: Jeremy Allison
Email: jra google com, jra samba org
Affiliation: Google
IRC: Don't use it - I'm too old so I use email instead :-).

Hi Jeremy! I'm so excited to see you running for the GF board!

I'd like to run for the Gnome Foundation Board of Directors
on behalf of Google.

Because GF is a 501c3 and a charitable organization, board members serve in an individual capacity and not on behalf of any company. I know you were probably just being casual with your wording choice when you wrote this, but I felt I should double check that you probably mean that you'd like to run for the GF board on your own behalf but bring with you the perspective of being a Googler... is that right?

I've used Gnome for as long as it has been available
as a GNU/Linux desktop.

I don't currently contribute other than helping the
gnome-vfs maintainers use one of the libraries (libsmbclient) of
my primary project, Samba to access SMB1/2/3 servers.

I have a long (25+ years) experience with Free and Open
Source Software, mostly to do with my primary project

I am on the Board of Directors of the Software Freedom
Conservancy, and on the Advisory Board of the Document
Foundation (LibreOffice).

We've very much appreciated your contributions over the years on Conservancy's board!

I perform my board duties diligently as required.

I'd like to help support Gnome and promote it as a
desktop environment within Google and outside of

I've had my differences with some of the design
decisions in the past (as Karen Sandler can attest :-),
but I would really like to help add my experience
and enthusiasm for Free and Open Source Software
to the project.



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