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  > The page you cannot see is a standard GitLab issue making use of the
  > standard upstream GitLab code. Can you let us know which non-free
  > JavaScript is in offense? A solution to this will have to be taken back to
  > the upstream GitLab project

I visited again,
and a screenshot showing the window where LibreJS reports
blocked nonfree scripts.  I could not fit the whole report in the
window at once, but the screenshot does show all of the scripts that
were blocked.

Fixing GitLab permanently is a good thing to do.  But since this
contest is time-limited, let's not wait for GitLab to fix this.  I
suggest putting the logos in ordinary web page somewhere, and add a
link to that.

I could have them in a page on in a few days if I could get
the image files of the logos.

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