Help needed: GUADEC 2019

Hi everyone,

The call for bids for GUADEC 2019 has been out for a while, but the Foundation is yet to receive any bids or notifications of intent to bid. We'd therefore like to ask members of the Foundation: can you help us to find a location for next year's GUADEC?

Could you help to organise GUADEC? Do you know of anyone, or any groups, who might want to organise GUADEC? We'll consider all options, including potentially returning to a location where GUADEC has been held previously, or co-locating with another event.

The Foundation is also interested in how we can better support GUADEC organisers, so if you're interested but are concerned about the amount of work involved, please feel free to get in touch to discuss options.

If you have any ideas or leads, please email board gnome org, or comment on the GitLab issue.


Vice-President & Secretary, GNOME Foundation Board of Directors

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