Re: It's time again for pants nominations

* Sriram Ramkrishna for his community work, which is a list too long to
summarize here

+1, and just to be effusive about why... Sri has continually contributed to GNOME's PR, bringing life to the engagement team and looking out for newcomers generally. He's always enthusiastic and the fact that he's maintained this for so many years in the project is incredible. He's willing to do the work that other people aren't - he's spend countless time at GNOME booths, writing GNOME materials, and running interference for the project.

On a very personal note, Sri took the time to be present on so many hate threads about GNOME, OPW about me, bringing irrefutable truth (with back-up links) when the internet was full of lies, exaggerations and threats. Without him and other GNOME volunteers who jumped into the fray on multiple occasions, I surely would have left free software.


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