Board meeting of August 28, 2018 cancelled

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tl;dr: No quorum, meeting cancelled, here are some brief notes of an informal discussion that the attending board members and Neil had.

= Foundation Board Minutes for Tuesday, August 28th 2018, 14:30 UTC - MEETING CANCELLED =

Next meeting date Tuesday, September 4 2018, 15:30 UTC

== Attending ==

 * CarlosSoriano
 * NeilMcGovern
 * PhilipChimento
 * KatGerasimova
 * FedericoMenaQuintero (late)

== Regrets ==

 * AllanDay
 * RobMcQueen
 * NuritziSanchez
 * RosannaYuen

== Missing ==

== Agenda ==

 * Conference bidding process review (Kat)
 * Committee responsibilities (Kat & Nuritzi)
 * Hiring bulletin (Philip)

== Minutes ==

 * At the beginning of the meeting we did not have quorum. This meeting was cancelled.
 * Instead we had an informal discussion about some of the proposed agenda items. Notes follow.

 * Conference bidding process review (Kat)
   * Template bid and template budget
   * For the template budget, we'll use something based on the spreadsheet from GUADEC 2019
   * Discussion about spending tiers - on the one hand multiple tiers are useful for the local team to think about different scenarios, and the minimum shows what the Foundation is on the hook for if we get no sponsorship at all. Stretch goals are easy to compare when placed in an extra column side by side the other two scenarios. On the other hand it makes the budget complicated and we don't want local teams to just fill in arbitrary numbers because they don't know. In the end, the GUADEC 2019 format seems to be the most useful for Neil and the organizing committees.
   * Board members please read, add comments or make changes directly in the proposed template.

 * Committee responsibilities (Kat & Nuritzi)
   * We don't necessarily have to require all committees to have regular meetings, e.g. the travel committee probably doesn't need to, although we should ask them to have a meeting when they discuss certain official business, e.g. new members.
   * Rather than defining the criteria for the committees ourselves, we should ask the committees to provide the information. Committee liaisons, please ask your committees to do this.

[ Federico arrives ]

 * Hiring bulletin (Philip)
   * Follow-up from a discussion at GUADEC. It would be good to summarize all the communication about the ongoing hires that has happened in the mailing lists, AGM, etc.
   * When hires happen, introduce the hires to the community and start building that relationship.
   * Federico volunteers to make a wiki page which we can then send out in a general communication.

== Actions ==

 * Federico - come up with a text to explain the whys, hows and status of the hirings
 * All committee liaisons - communicate the requirements to their committees and ask them to define things that need to be defined

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