Help us celebrate GNOME's 20th around the world!

Hello fellow GNOMEies,

GNOME's 20th Birthday is tomorrow, Tuesday, August 15th. This is a great opportunity to celebrate together, show the world how awesome GNOME is, and get people more excited than ever to join us or become a user. ;)

We will be posting a news item on the main page, posting on social media, and trying to get blogs to pick up the event -- but we need your help!

If you are a member of the press, or know someone who is, please ask them to write about us and publicize our news item [1] (this link should be active on Aug 15th at 0:30 UTC), and/or our birthday website [2] (this is live, but we aren't publicizing it until the actual day).

If you are an amazing person, consider joining or hosting a birthday party sometime in the next week or two! You always get extra GNOMEie points for events that help us get new users or contributors -- but really all we're asking for is to help us celebrate GNOME and bring awareness of its awesomeness to your community any way you can. Find a party near you, or list your own here: 20th Birthday Parties [3]. We've even set aside some funds to help party planners around the globe, so read that page for more information. 

If you have done anything GNOME-related and have taken photos, please share them with us! Read our updated "How To Submit Photos to GNOME"[4] wiki page and add your photos from GNOME's past and present for all of us to enjoy. Remember to respect people's privacy and make sure that the photos you take and share are done so with the proper consent.

Lastly, if you have any other ideas for how to make GNOME's 20th birthday special, please message the engagement team at engagement-list gnome org and let us know. 

Thanks, and happy early birthday, GNOME! 



Nuritzi Sanchez 
President, Board of Directors

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