Minutes of the Board meeting of July, 11th, 2017

= Foundation Board Minutes for Tue, July 11th 2017, 17:00 UTC =

Next meeting date Tue, July 18th 2017, 17:00 UTC

Wiki: https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoard/Minutes/20170711

== Attending ==

 * Zeeshan Ali
 * Rosanna Yuen
 * Allan Day
 * Neil McGovern
 * Meg Ford
 * Carlos Soriano
 * Nuritzi Sanchez
 * Cosimo Cecchi
 * Shaun McCance
 * Jim Hall

== Regrets ==

 * Alexandre Franke

== Missing ==

== Agenda for 2017-07-11 ==

 * Budget request for stickers
 * Updated budget request for Julita's events
 * AGM & GUADEC planning
 * Python Jamaica: PyCon 2017 GNOME Foundation email
 * University Outreach
 * ED/OD trip to GUADEC

== Minutes ==

 * GNOME.Asia presentation at GUADEC 2017
  * We should make sure that the GNOME.Asia team also has the opportunity to present their conference at GUADEC
   * During the AGM sounds like a reasonable time
  * ACTION: Nuritzi to follow up with the GNOME.Asia team to make sure they know they have this opportunity - Done on July 11th

 * Budget request for stickers
  * There's a budget request for 5k stickers, including those for GUADEC attendees, special stickers for the 20th birthdays and other events in Europe and Peru
  * Total amount requested: $1150
  * We don't have a budget broken down to each team, but we do have marketing budget. Currently we're at $1391 spent against a $2000 budget
   * However we could reallocate some money from events/hackfests that haven't happened for this. We budgeted $80k for that but only spent $9215
    * That's excluding GUADEC travel though, but it still should not get us to $80k
   * The recommendation of the treasurer is to vote positively, and go over budget instead of moving money around in our accounting documens, since that will educate our budget for the next year
  * VOTE: approve the requested amount
   * +1 Nuritzi, Allan, Meg, Carlos, Cosimo, Zeeshan. VOTE PASSED

 * Updated budget request from Julita for CONECIT 2017
  * The budget request is $290 for snacks, 300 balloons and 24 GNOME-branded USB sticks
  * The event is going to be a newcomer's workshop, similar to those that happen at GUADEC or those that Carlos does
  * Are the USB sticks required for the newcomer's workshop to be successful?
   * Yes, they are live systems for those that come with a Windows laptop and should not be given away
   * It does not feel necessary to brand the USB sticks with a GNOME logo, but the difference is about $1
   * The number of 24 sticks does not seem necessary for the event, since we would not give them away
    * If we wanted to give them away as swag or sell them at events, we would make them centrally and in a larger quantity to negotiate a better price
   * Up to 8 USB sticks, snacks/cake and balloons would be a $150
   * VOTE: approve a reduced budget of $150 for the event
    * +1 Nuritzi, Allan, Zeeshan, Carlos, Meg. Abstained: Cosimo
   * ACTION: Nuritzi to follow up with Julita (DONE)

 * AGM & GUADEC planning
  * Things are mostly all prepared by now
  * Closer to the time we'll need to book a table for the AdBoard lunch
  * We should prepare a page on the wiki for when people are arriving/travel plans
   * ACTION: Allan will post a link to this

 * Python Jamaica: PyCon 2017 GNOME Foundation email
  * There's a request for us to sponsor this outside event
  * It does not feel like we want to give them money, but we can help them with exposure on our social media channels
  * ACTION: Neil to follow up to the request saying that we can't help financially

 * University Outreach
  * Mozilla is interested in partnering with us for University outreach; they have an initiative to support open source labs in universities in summer/fall
  * Meg is asking whether it's OK with the Board if she works with Mozilla on that initiative
   * Sounds great!
   * This is also something that could be mentioned during the AdBoard presentation, since it was one of the things that they have previously mentioned

 * ED and Rosanna's trip to GUADEC
  * Neil and Rosanna are seeking approval for their trip to GUADEC
  * For our travel policy, the event needs to be approved explicitly by the Board
  * VOTE: approve the attendance to the event
   * +1 Allan, Nuritzi, Cosimo, Meg. Abstained: Zeeshan, Carlos. VOTE PASSED

== _Ongoing_ ==

'''This section includes items which have seen an update in the last 30 days. Format is "YYYY-MM-DD, action|discussion|abstract" for this and subsequent minutes sections'''

 * Python Jamaica: PyCon 2017 GNOME Foundation email
  * 2017-07-11
   * The board denied the request for sponsorship of this conference
   * ACTION: Neil to follow up to the request saying that we can't help financially

 * GNOME.Asia logo / "A simple explanation of GNOME.Asia 2017's logo to FoundationBoard" email
  * The design is not optimal, could use some tweaking but it’s alright.
  * ACTION: Allan to write recommendations for next year
   * 2017-07-11 - Allan still not done this

 * 2017/2018 General Liability and Directors & Officers Liability (Allan)
  * ACTION: Neil to make a list 

 * GUADEC 2017 finance request
   * The board wishes to make this a more straightforward process in the future
    * ACTION: Neil to make sure that expenses allocation for future conferences is discussed by the board in person at GUADEC

 * Foundation support for Flathub
  * 2017-05-09
   * The Board voted to try and use some of our pro-bono counsel time towards the Flathub legal framework, provided our lawyers agree
   * ACTION: Neil to connect to Luis
  * 2017-05-16 - Exact questions to ask Luis are being worked up
  * 2017-06-06 - Questions sent to Luis, being looked at.

 * Hackfest process documentation
  * 2017-02-14
   * ACTION: Nuritzi to take a stab at updating the documentation for the process to request a hackfest and responsibilities between Board and TC
  * 2017-05-02
   * Nuritzi will work on this by end of May, check in then

 * Dropping dates in copyright claims on our websites
  * 2016-12-06
   * ACTION: Alexandre to send an email to foundation-list with a proposal for discussion
  * 2016-12-20
   * Next step seems to be to reach out to Creative Commons to get advice on what exactly can and should be done
  * 2017-01-24
   * Alexandre reached out to Creative commons
  * 2017-02-28
   * Alexandre will try alternative channels
  * 2017-05-02
   * We got a reply, Alexandre to follow up
  * 2017-05-30
   * Two options
    * Have terms of use on the website that state that linking to a page is sufficient attribution
    * Require contributors to assign their attribution to the GNOME Foundation

 * Privacy campaign funds
  * 2016-09-27
   * Draft is out for the Board to review and give feedback
   * ACTION: Cosimo to try and form a committee to review internship proposals
  * 2016-10-26
   * We are aiming for an internship round in spring 2017

=== Ongoing but stalled ===

'''This section includes items which haven't seen an update in the last 30 days.'''

 * Owncloud shared calendar for the board
  * 2016-08-10
   * Cosimo tested creating an event, but with mixed results
   * ACTION: Cosimo to take it on from here
  * 2016-09-06 - Allan has started a list of reoccuring events on the wiki - https://wiki.gnome.org/FoundationBoardPrivate/Minutes/UpcomingAgenda
  * 2017-03-07
   * Neil is looking into a similar calendar so will take over

 * Paypal Giving Fund
  * Alexandre suggested in december 2015 to get us enrolled in the program
   * That would give us exposure. For example Humble bundle allows to direct the charity part of purchases towards any of their participants
  * Zana tried to get us in sometime before may 2016, we never heard back.
  * 2016-09-06
   * ACTION: Zana to look into it

 * Sysadmin fundraising levels and perks
  * 2016-08-10, ACTION: Nuritzi to take on this project and figure out what it entails
  * 2017-05-09
   * We can talk about this item at GUADEC

 * Web page for prior pants winners
  * 2016-08-10, ACTION: Shaun and Allan to add the web page
  * 2017-03-07
   * Only missing the winner for one year, 2005
   * We can crowdsource the details and refinement of the bios/photos/etc
  * 2017-06-06
   * We are trying to expedite this before next GUADEC
   * ACTION: Nuritzi to ask Shaun for a download of the information he has already collected
   * ACTION: Alexandre to suggest a suitable location to put the information and share it with the board

 * Friends of GNOME
  * 2016-08-10
   * ACTION: Allan to get in touch with Tobi and the sysadmin team to migrate the FoG infrastructure over to GNOME
  * 2017-03-07
   * Allan will pass this on to Neil, and connect him to Tobi
  * 2017-04-18 - Neil has CRM working (ish) on the gnome website, we're looking at how to move the PayPal IPN to CiviCRM

=== Ongoing but no director assigned ===

'''This section includes items which haven't seen an update in the last 30 days and have no Director assigned'''

== Nice to have ==

'''This section includes items which we would love to see happen at some point but lack the time to effectively become reality'''

 * Contract template for future use organizations for which we handle money
  * Kat to draft this
  * Alexandre took over

 * Privacy policy for GNOME services
  * Current draft is at https://wiki.gnome.org/Foundation/Privacy
  * Sysadmin Team's NDA should also be covered when dealing with this item
  * Kat or Allan to write up the policy
  * Kat or Allan to write up recommended wording for distribution privacy policies, regarding the behaviour of GNOME software

== Discussed on the mailing list ==

== Completed actions ==

 * GNOME.Asia logo / "A simple explanation of GNOME.Asia 2017's logo to FoundationBoard" email
  * The design is not optimal, could use some tweaking but it’s alright.
  * VOTE: approve the logo that GNOME.Asia sent for the 2017 conference
    +1 Nuritzi, Alexandre, Allan, Carlos, Zeeshan. VOTE PASSED
  * ACTION: Nuritzi to notify that they can use it for this year
  * 5-7-17: Nuritzi emailed GNOME.Asia team and said Engagement team (aka Allan) would follow up with design feedback of the logo

 * GNOME Pants award 2017
  * ACTION: Allan to give Neil a template (done)
  * ACTION: Neil to call for nominations (done)

 * GUADEC 2017 finance request
  * 2017-06-13
   * The board voted to transfer GBP 5000 into the GUADEC team's UK account for live expenses
   * The board also voted to pre-approve expenditure against the confirmed sponsorship money, up to GBP 42000
    * ACTION: Allan to get back to Sam

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