Re: New Foundation and Emeritus members

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 5:51 AM Andrea Veri <av gnome org> wrote:
Hello everybody!

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to announce our
newly approved Foundation Members. Please welcome and thank them
for their great and valuable contributions over the GNOME Foundation!

They are: *

 1. Isaque Galdino de Araujo (GNOME Calendar contributions)
 2. Jonathan Kang (GNOME-Logs contributions)

Congratulations, and welcome to the foundation!!  Glad to have you!  You guys have done so much already, cant' wait to see what else you will be doing in GNOME!
 3. Adelia Rahim (GNOME Engagement Team)
 4. Cassandra Sanchez (GNOME Engagement Team)

Adelia and Cassandra, such an absolute pleasure to see you now part of the foundation!  Welcome and look forward to your contributions!

 5. Kunal Jain (Polari contributions)

Welcome, Kunal!  Looking forward to see you hacking on Polari and anything else that is out there!
 6. Adrien Plazas (Boxes and Games contributions)
 7. Jonas Adahl (Wayland support)
 8. Simon McVittie (D-Bus, GLib, Debian packaging)

Welcome, I know people like Simon have been really active in GNOME and it is great that all of you applied for the foundation and accepted!  Welcome!


In addition to them, we also have six new Emeritus Members: [1]

 1. Giovanni Campagna (GNOME Shell, Mutter, GNOME Weather, gjs top contributor)

Glad you're still with us, Giovanni!  I hope I get to see you at LAS GNOME! :)
 2. Tomeu Vizoso (Clutter, Mutter contributions)
 3. Luca Ferretti (Release team, Italian translation coordinator)

Thanks for all the gerat work on GNOME in the past and welcome back as emeritus!

Thanks to the Andrea and the rest for all their work in processing all foundation applications. :)


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