Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting of February, 23th, 2016

The Board as you may have seen since the latest few past published meeting minutes is experimenting with a new way to take minutes.

The new way is coming from the so-called rolling agenda - minutes idea the Board discussed and started applying a few months back.

The URL on the minutes pointing to a discussion had on the very same meeting seems to not have much sense if you see the meeting minutes as a standalone entity and not as a continuum of information and details we update for each of the discussed items at every meeting. Until a specific item is resolved (or in other words does not need more actions from the Board) it is kept on the ongoing section of the minutes thus the need to point out the fact that specific discussion evolved on a specific date. Doing that will ease the reconstruction of the whole history of the item and the direct link will just help the membership understand what happened and when. That link will start being helpful from the upcoming meetings together as the other ones having the same rationale.

About generating the URL before effectively sending the email to the list is as easy as incrementing the very latest mail ID by one. No black magic :-)

Il 26 feb 2016 10:46 PM, "Debarshi Ray" <rishi is lostca se> ha scritto:
On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 04:48:18PM +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
>    * The item has been discussed during the meeting, details
> are available at

Very interesting. An email to a mailing list linking to itself in the

Maybe this has been done before, but this is the first time I noticed.
I guess, since posts to the announcement list are controlled, it is
possible to manually construct the would-be link. In that case, I
applaud your effort.

If you really have a time machine of some sort, then, well, I am

Or am I hallucinating?

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