Re: Affiliation change and stepping down

Hi Tobi,

Sorry for the lack or response here! We are actively working on this,
and had hoped to have made an announcement already. As is often the
case, a few things ended up getting in the way...

Tobias Mueller <muelli cryptobitch de> wrote:
The board is considering a number of candidates and is in the process
of contacting them.

I take that as a "yes" to the question asked "Does the Board intend to
follow a different strategy than to follow the membership's opinion
expressed in the election results".

Please correct me if I'm wrong, there.

It means is that the Board has been exploring the options.

I'm interested, and I suppose the membership, too, in learning what
strategy the Board thinks serves the membership best.

We'll make a public announcement once the replacement has been signed
up, and we'll explain the reasoning behind the decision at that time.
Beyond that, it's hard to speak on behalf of the whole board. What I
would say, though, is that we have a duty to ensure the effective
running of the Foundation. The fact that we have been researching
possible candidates is a reflection of the fact that we take that
responsibility seriously.


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