Re: Question on community to the candidates.

Hi Sri,

Thanks for your questions! 

It is my impression (and I state impression because I am providing no
data) that GNOME has more reliance on people paid to work on GNOME
than community.  I do not question the passion and dedication to those
who are paid on GNOME, I know that they would do it as a community
even if they were not paid.

Anyone who seriously expects volunteers to put just as much time and dedication into working on GNOME as full time paid employees might be able to do, probably needs to check their privilege...

Most people are forced to pay for stuff (e.g. food and rent) by this cruel world, so we probably ought to try and avoid expecting volunteers to contribute to GNOME as though it were a full or (dare I say it) even a part time job, given that many people simply may really want to, but simply not be able to financially afford to do that. A contributor's socio-economic status ought not indirectly exclude them from being valued by the community, in my view.

If you agree with my impression, what actions do you think would help
increase participation in GNOME?

I think making a concerted effort to explore a wider variety of income sources with a view to increasing our income significantly, is probably the way forward ;-) An ideal situation, would be one where we are able to offer some financial support towards the important work our volunteers, wherever possible.

I also reckon that volunteers are much more likely to stay engaged where they feel meaningfully involved and that their contributions are valued: If we consciously strive to take more members to more events, be receptive to new ideas and feedback, encourage contributors to apply for membership and advertise whenever new opportunities pop up then I suspect this could help us increase, diversify and engage our pool of contributors too.

Thanks again,


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