Re: code of conduct question for Board candidates

Hi Marina,

I think we all agree we want a welcome community, and that means searching for the commune divisor and not 
allowing anything outside that.
As far as I saw, all the previous answer from the candidates share the same opinion.

I would actually like to have a code of conduct for every part of GNOME, like IRC, Bugzilla, events, etc.
And I always though this one is not enough.

But it's true that even if I take seriously any inappropriate language or discrimination,
I felt uncomfortable reading the code of conduct of GUADEC 2014, and I think we don't have to substitute law 
forces, because we are not.

I'm thinking something more concise and shorter than the one at GUADEC 2014, with a more friendly language, 
but expressing a strong position
and applicable to all parts of GNOME.

I have in mind something like:

In GNOME we want a friendly community and we require these points from every person involved:
- Friendly and polite language.
- No discrimination, and respect towards believes, race or gender.
- Not inappropriate jokes, images or comments.
- In doubt, be always cautious, don't assume the other person thinks like you. Always ask firsts.

If you think someone misbehave on the points above described or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, even
in something different than those points, don't hesitate to contact the GNOME code of conduct support team or 
in charge, we will glad to talk and help you =)

Any misbehavior could cause to take any actions from the GNOME code of conduct support team or the people in 

Which also includes taking actions on IRC and Bugzilla towards the people that insult or shows an unfriendly 

I think anything else relies in the law authorities (we can't do more than just expel and ban the person, but 
some actions could require more),
and we have to delegate to them everything that surpasses those points...

A detailed code of conduct could for one part, suffer the TLDR as Alexander said, and on the other part, 
limit the actions
GNOME can take towards misbehavior that was not thought when the code of conduct was written.
i.e. The misbehaving person can say: It's written like this, so you can't take a different action than what 
is written.

Carlos Soriano

----- Original Message -----
| Hi,
| Thanks to all the candidates for stepping up to run for the board and for all
| the work you already do for the Foundation!
| Many free software organizations have adopted codes of conduct for their
| events [1] and some for their communities [2]. Detailed codes of conduct
| with specific enforcement guidelines signal to newcomers that the community
| has high standards of behavior. They give participants who observe or are
| subject to inappropriate behavior something to point to that shows that such
| behavior is outside of what is expected and guidelines on how to proceed in
| getting it addressed.
| What do you think about adopting a detailed code of conduct, similar to the
| one used for GUADEC 2014 [3], for all GNOME events and creating a similarly
| detailed code of conduct for the GNOME community?
| Thanks,
| Marina
| [1]
| [2]
| [3]
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