Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Shaun McCance

Name: Shaun McCance
Email: shaunm gnome org
Affiliation: Red Hat

Foundation Members,

I'm announcing my candidacy for the board of directors. I'm a long-time
GNOME developer and enthusiast, because I believe GNOME does important
work in ensuring free software is usable for everybody. I spent ten
years as the docs team lead. I've stepped down from that role, but I
still maintain our docs tools and try to remain active.

I work for Red Hat, though I do not work in the department that works on
GNOME. I work on the Open Source and Standards team as the Community
Documentation Liaison. Basically, my job is to build communities around
documentation in various upstream open source projects.

I served two terms on the board already, from 2011 to 2013. I'd like to
serve again. The board does important work. It's not always glamorous,
but board work is an important piece of the puzzle for maintaining a
healthy ecosystem around GNOME. I think the activities of the current
board have proven just how vital the board is to GNOME.

It also showed just how overtaxed the board has become in the absence of
an Executive Director. If elected, my first priority will be to bring a
new Executive Director on board. I understand there are difficulties in
hiring somebody new, as well as financial considerations. I'm willing to
hunt down those yaks for a good clean shave.


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