Re: Questions for candidates

  >   To that
  > end, I have a first draft of "Responsible Distribution of Free and Open
  > Source Software", which I'd love to get feedback on.

Please don't call it that.  Using the term "free and open source software"
means you miss the opportunity to publicly support the free software movement.

That term presents "open source" more visibly than "free software".
And people will probably misunderstand and think that "free" means
zero price.  See for more

The way to show support for the free software movement, you say "free
software", or "free/libre software" -- not "open source".  We We need
this sort of visible public support, to counteract all the companies
and media outlets that say "open source" only.

Just today I saw a published article that called me an "Open
sourcerer".  I suppose the author heard misinformation identifying me
as a supporter of "open source", and has no idea that it is entirely
false.  I am going to ask the site editors to correct the article, if
I can find a way to reach them.  I have to do this often.  With your
help, we can inform people that free software is something else.

Dr Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation (,
Internet Hall-of-Famer (
Skype: No way! See

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