Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting of January, 09th, 2015

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 12:11 AM, Andrea Veri <av gnome org> wrote:
   * Discussions with startups reveals that those who are server-intensive are looking for good desktop 
tooling, it's something GNOME is lacking in and Mac OS X has a lot of traction in.
Well is a reason I'm so exciting about Builder and have encouraged [1] [2]
our community to support Christian's effort.

I know there have been suggestions [3] [4] about doing some kind
research among web starts-up about what exact tools they use/need.

I  wounder if some companies really understand that by founding some
work which would be for a well founded company a very small investment
they could make really great, needed improvements of our platform. A
second question is if people who have talked to start-ups have
mentioned this possibly? A third question is can the foundation do the
proceess of founding specific work that needs to be done to enhance
our platform easier?

     * At least in Portland, GNOME is a very well recognized brand, 7/10 times it needs no explanation; 
similar story among developers in some venues in NYC; we have a strong brand
+1 Its also my impression that GNOME is a loved brand, thus I think
its important that we a) Nurture it b) Think more about how we can it
use to our advantage c) Be better at telling our story.

Of course every task involve a subject of smaller tasks and is
something that takes a good amount of time and is depending on
people's efforts.


-mvh Oliver Propst

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