Re: Builder crowdsourcing banner on PGO

My question was if someone was against it. Some people is against any website with obfuscated _javascript_ (a concern and a discussion worth the while from a FOSS perspective I think, but beyond practical in this context), there seems to be consensus that supporting this campaign is the right thing. I'd say the question is settled. Whatever we do beyond that is a bit off scope for this thread. Besides, I don't think foundation list is the right place to discuss the creation of a new crowdsourcing platform that is FSF approved.

Any help with the HTML/JS needed is more than welcome as I'm on vacation right now and have very little time to devote to it until the 13th :(

2015-01-03 3:31 GMT+00:00 Alexandre Franke <alexandre franke gmail com>:
On Sat, Jan 3, 2015 at 4:24 AM, Alberto Ruiz <aruiz gnome org> wrote:
> I would _really_ appreciate if you guys held a discussion about things that
> quite frankly don't have anything to do with my original question in a
> different thread. Thank you.

Your question was if we should add a link to the campaign on a GNOME
website. The current discussion is about defining if it fits within
our ethical boundaries, so it has everything to do with your original

(For the record, I was the first to reply positively to your question
and even proposed to push it further)

Alexandre Franke
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Alberto Ruiz

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