Re: Agenda for board meeting on September 26th

On 29/09/14 22:50, Richard Stallman wrote:
If the GNOME Foundation is considering inviting members of the
community to use Bountysource to communicate with the Foundation, that

I'm not sure I understand Richard. Out of curiosity, have you used Bountysource? It doesn't incorporate a messaging system whatsoever. It's a fa├žade to bug-tracking-systems. For example, for an issue page in bountysource that is raising funds for a GNOME project, its content exactly mirrors what the upstream bugzilla bug has.

raises two ethical issues:

* Privacy.  This would result in giving Bountysource people's personal data,
which it shouldn't have any right to know.

I don't see how one can give more personal data than the one you give from signing up with GNOME's bugzilla. Plus, they support bitcoin, so you don't even need to give them your banking details.

* Free software.  Many web sites require visitors to run nonfree
software to use some or even all of the functionality.  See  Does Bountysource
work without nonfree JS?  I don't know, but one can't presume that.

Their JS is opensource (they say they bootstrap their platform by posting bounties on their JS code). Unfortunately not all of their code is open source (their server-side is not), and FYI the alternative which is 100% opensource is called FreedomSponsors, so maybe you want to advocate for the latter, but truth to be told, its interface is much less polished than Bountysource.

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