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On Fri, 2014-09-26 at 11:30 -0700, Jim Nelson wrote:
For whatever it's worth, I had a lively discussion with Sebastien
Bacher about this on ubuntu-desktop (regarding the main flavor of
Ubuntu, not GNOME Ubuntu):

One note: When I wrote this, I wasn't aware that Ubuntu was shipping
such a mix of versions, as Michael points out.

That's an interesting read. It sounds like they're primarily having
difficulty keeping their GTK+ theme up to date. The unresizable apps
problem is almost surely an incompatibility with the Ambiance theme's
window borders; maybe the Adwaita developers can help say what's wrong.
Header bars were admittedly a bad problem in GTK+ 3.10, but it sounds
like all of the remaining issues are downstream theme problems. CSD on
dialogs was a bad problem with GTK+ 3.12, but that should be fixed in
GTK+ 3.14.

It sounds like Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 will be mostly shipping with GNOME
3.10 apps, probably due to the pain of refreshing their impressive set
of downstream patches -- I count 45 patches for nautilus; even if most
of those are from upstream, it's no wonder they have trouble updating.
It would be misleading for Ubuntu GNOME to advertise GNOME 3.12 in 14.10
if it's going to ship nautilus, gedit, and epiphany 3.10. But it looks
like they're releasing with evince 3.14 alongside those. This is
difficult to make sense of....


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