Re: Valuable items for beginners

On 14 March 2014 17:52, Hashem Nasarat <hnasarat gmail com> wrote:
Perhaps there's some work in documentation that would fit into a 1-month

CCing gnome-doc-list for this reason

On 03/14/2014 01:41 PM, ChangSeok Oh wrote:
Hi everyone.
I'm looking for some interesting items for beginners to contribute to
GNOME project.
Long story short, I would get a chance to introduce GNOME project to
sophomore class students in a university.
If some of them are interested in GNOME, they will perform GNOME related
tasks for 4 weeks.
So I'm researching which part of GNOME need beginner's hands.
Translation is the first thing poping up in my mind but I hope something
more attractive, not too easy for them and which could be completed in 4

Hi ChangSeok, translation and documentation are probably the most
accessible areas for new contributors, but the learning curves are
still quite steep.

We have the next stable release (3.12) coming up next Monday, so I
expect both of the teams to be very busy until the last scheduled
stable release on the 14th of April.

Any idea is welcome.


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