Re: GNOME Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Preliminary Results

Hi, Fabiana, 

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On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 5:25 PM, Fabiana Simões <fabianaps gnome org> wrote:
Hello, Foundation!

The GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee is happy to
announce the preliminary results for this year's Board of Directors

Sriram Ramkrishna
Ekaterina Gerasimova
Karen Sandler
Tobias Mueller
Andrea Veri
Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Jeff Fortin

(details at

If you'd like to challenge these results, please send an e-mail to
membership-committee gnome org. You can challenge them until Tuesday,
2014-06-17, 23:59 UTC. Please note these results should not be
considered final untill all challenges have been resolved.

This year we had 310 registered voters, 194 of which sent in valid
ballots. We strongly encourage everyone to check the list of all votes
to verify their ballot:

Fabiana - on behalf of the GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee
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foundation-list gnome org

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