Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of August 15th, 2014

Le mardi 26 août 2014 à 20:08 -0700, Germán Poo-Caamaño a écrit :
First at all, thanks for the minutes. A couple of questions:

 * Outstanding brand use requests
  * need someone to take action/mail Carol Hanson
    re: "Permission request for Personal use of Gnome foot"
    * ACTION: Jeff to reply to her

Was this reply positive or negative?
Any rationale that could be shared?

Positive. It was fine with us as it was for a personal one-time gift for
one person. The reason why this was only approved now is that the
request fell through the cracks under the avalanche of mails, the events
(GUADEC etc.) and the handover between the old and new board.

 * Andreas to ask Karen and Pam how much we should disclose to the
community about the ongoing discussion with Groupon

I guess "Pam" refers to Pamela Chestek. Is this right?

BTW,  What was the outcome? Shall we assume the outcome was to not
disclose anything considering the last minutes only say "Groupon"?

We are not publicly disclosing because it is an ongoing legal matter.
Of course, we want to be as transparent as possible, so as soon as our
legal counsel advises us it is prudent to discuss publicly, we will.

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