Re: James Shubin joined the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

On Wed, 2014-08-27 at 00:23 +0200, Andrea Veri wrote:
Hello Foundation Members!

Hi Foundation Members, and thank you to Andrea for the nice

I'm really happy to announce James Shubin (purpleidea) kindly offered his
help to keep the business of the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee up
and running!

A quick background: I'm a sysadmin, devops/puppet hacker, i.t./network
architect and physiologist. I've been a full time GNOME user since the
early 2.x days, if not earlier. I've been reading PGO for all of these
years too.

I currently work at Red Hat as a Config Mgmt. Architect. Usually this
means 'puppet'. If you're more curious about my work, I write a
Technical Blog which you might find interesting:

I am available on twitter [1], github [2], and IRC [3] all as

[3] #membership on, and all over on Freenode.

After a trial period of a few weeks and the awesome work commenting and
providing feedback about existing applications we are more than happy to
welcome him aboard!
*cough* s/weeks/months/ ... ;)

In particular thanks to av for answering all my questions, even though a
good bunch were already well documented! 

Thanks James and welcome again!
Thank you!

PS: my GPG key is attached if you're into that sort of thing


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