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I completely agree with Máirín.

yes, the OPW is imposing on the administration of our finances some
strain; the correct solution is not to just get rid of it, but figure
out a way to get more resources for handling that side. it's a matter
of fundraising, but it can be done.

the point Ryan made about engagement and pushback from parts of the
larger F/L/OSS community is the one I understand the least. I'd really
prefer more people went out defending the OPW program, and all the
good that it generates, than have the foundation lose its resolve, and
distance itself from one of the most successful things we as a
community have achieved in terms of community outreach.


On 6 August 2014 17:05, Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org> wrote:

On 08/06/2014 11:57 AM, Ryan Lortie wrote:

I was disappointed (but not completely surprised) to learn that,
although OPW has expanded to many projects beyond GNOME, GNOME is left
handling all of the money for all participants at all organisations.
This hasn't only exposed us to substantial financial risks; it has
caused actual financial problems for the project.  This year, GNOME
temporarily ceased funding of hackfests in order to recover from the
cashflow problems caused by the size of OPW.

I'm sensing a general lack of information in your post (which should
absolutely be provided to you) about the program and its affect on GNOME and
its finances, so I thought it would be worth pointing out that GNOME does
charge a per-intern administrative fee to each non-GNOME project
participating in OPW. So GNOME is far from taking on this extremely helpful
and beneficial work without compensation.

I also came to appreciate during conversations at GUADEC the amount of
time which members of the engagement team, the board, and others are
spending fighting against harmful and distracting messaging from various
corners of the net, and how much OPW has become involved in some of the
stranger criticisms being leveled toward us.  It's no secret that OPW is
controversial, even within the project.  I feel at the very least, it is
a distraction from what should be our core goals.

Do you understand that the many -isms that negatively impact GNOME and open
source in general do not disappear when you sweep them under the rug? These
are not problems that can just be washed away from disengaging OPW from

I think that the time has come to split OPW out from the GNOME

I can't resist saying this:

I think GNOME has a lot of problems, and OPW is most certainly NOT one of


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