Re: Self introduction

Welcome to join the GNOME Foundation, so impressive to see your activities and your recent contribution in GNOME.

Looking forward to meet you in GNOME.Asia Summit in May.


2014-04-27 17:57 GMT+08:00 Oliver Propst <oliver propst gmail com>:
Hi, my name is Oliver Propst [1], I'm a new foundation member. I have
contributed to the marketing efforts of GNOME (as part of the
Engagement Team) since around 2010.

Beside my GNOME contributions I'm also involved with the Mozilla
community [2] and organizing the free software/society conference
FSCONS [3] (which Karen keynoted last year).

Other interests includes exercise, take pictures [4] and read comics [5].

Professionally I work as a public school teacher, although this
semester I'm attending a course at the University here in Gothenburg,
Sweden where I live.

I look forward to continue contribute to the Engagement Team efforts
and collaborate with the rest of the GNOME community.


-mvh Oliver Propst
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