Re: Current state of Foundation finances, upgrade internal systems and controls...

This is a rather random post but it was sufficiently important for me to point out.  When I read the following FAQ linked below I took some time to digest what was really happening.  You lost track of your accounting, that's all. You don't have systems in place that allow a small staff to properly manage these functions and that results in poor internal controls.

One of the lines that really caught my attention in this FAQ was:

"If anyone is familiar with Guile/Scheme, the Foundation would benefit from a custom printable invoice stylesheet for GnuCash. Contact the board for a PDF of what it needs to look like."

This whole problem could be solved if you just upgraded to a proper financial management system. Using non-standard software to manage your finances as a fast-moving organization doesn't make any sense. Yes, I understand the need to use free-software in everything, but for something as vital as financial management can't you just make an exception?

That's my random suggestion on this topic and I'm sure GNOME sponsors would gladly provide these kind of resources if you explained the urgency of the situation.


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