Re: Current state of Foundation finances

On Sat, 2014-04-12 at 01:45 +0200, Mathieu Duponchelle wrote:
I'll play devil's advocate here:

Couldn't GNOME use funds from these various sponsors to fund activities
more directly beneficial to its future than OPW?

No, for two reasons:

     1. My understanding after reading the FAQ is that GNOME Foundation
        handles the payment for every intern in OPW (not only gnomers),
        but we are not getting the funds from the sponsors and other
        organizations timely. So, these are not transferible funds to
        other activities.
     2. I think embracing diversity is one of GNOME strengths as a
        project, not only in gender equality, but also in other areas,
        like accessibility and non-English speakers.  Diversity enriches
        a community by bringing multiple mindsets that in the long term
        pays off in the software produced.  Dropping OPW not only would
        stop bringing new blood to the project, but it could be also a
        discouraging factor to the current developers.

The question I'm asking here is really: would these sponsors be ready to
help on other fronts, and isn't there a situation where certain sponsors
already help for OPW, and can't consider funding GNOME for other activities
as they already sponsor OPW?

They are sponsoring OPW, so they are interested in that. The problem is
the GNOME Foundation has not following up with them to cash the promised
funds on a timely manner.

Germán Poo-Caamaño

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