Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of October 29th, 2013

Hi Karen,

Le mardi 26 novembre 2013, à 00:47 -0500, Karen Sandler a écrit :
As a lawyer I want to point out that the main thing about our trademark is
to make sure that users (under the law: consumers) aren't confused about
what comes from GNOME and what doesn't. This is extremely helpful when you
have real jerks who try to distribute software that isn't GNOME or free
software but use our name and logo to fool people into downloading it.I
have seen some really bizarre uses of our logo and to my knowledge we have
only enforced when we think the use is confusing. As was also pointed out
by someone else, we've had many friendly discussions that have resulted in
better uses of the marks for all.

Do you have some concrete examples of confusing/misleading uses of our
logo where we had to enforce our trademark?

It's been obviously quite some time, but from my years in the board, I
only remember misuses that were actually not in the software field, and
I wonder if things are the same or if it got worse.

Also, how do we define the right balance? In the Ubuntu GNOME example, I
would consider the project to be both part of the Ubuntu and GNOME
communities, so imho, it should be entitled to use our trademark.



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