Re: Archiving wiki pages [was: Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of October 29th, 2013]


On 11/21/2013 12:12 PM, Allan Day wrote:
Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> wrote:
Mairin worked on logo & brand guidelines back in 2006. That was the work
(I believe that you based this page off.

Those old guidelines were seriously out of date and were desperately
in need of a refresh. We have also been wanting to move the guidelines
off the public wiki for (literally) years. I'm only embarrassed that
it took me so long to get around to it. :)

what was out of date about them?

And all of the links to her
work are now broken and point at this page.

Links to our trademark guidelines shouldn't point to our trademark
guidelines? I don't get your point...

Links to specific revisions in email threads had stopped working, and on
the page I landed on, I did not see the history of the page (as you saw
later in the thread, I did find the history later after logging in, so
the old content hasn't disappeared). I know we can't rely on wili pages
being permalinks, by I for one would like to see "...if you are looking
for the content which was here formerly, you can find it [archive link]


Would it be possible to link to these when archiving/cleaning out
content, please? The stuff is great - but this is the
first time I've seen it, it's not very findable from the wiki.


Dave Neary, Lyon, France
Email: dneary gnome org
Jabber: nearyd gmail com

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