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Hello Mister Richard Stallman,

I am from UNAC (I was born in Callao and I am also a System Engineer graduated from Callao University ) and I also worked with students of San Marcux before because they were my first "teachers" using Linux.

I did a postgraduate studies in PUCP so I worked more with LinuxIDES PUCP and I am still part of the community.

As I mentioned in my mail for the GNOME Foundation, I did worked with many groups before like San Marcux, UCSSINUX and UIGV COSOLIG, [01] [02]

The three experiences, the three independent groups, gathered students from different Free Software communities of different universities and different locations and schedules; but in my particular experience, as a group, doing a specific project, our last group result into a little success (duration and accomplishes). [03] [04]

There are many other events that also supported since I am ambassador in Perú like the Fedora project, and I really like to promote the use of Linux in Perú - Lima and other provinces like ICA and Huancayo. [05] [06] [07] [08]

I decided to write my experience after the GUADEC 2012 event, and get the sponsorship for our next event. The purpose is also get more students involved in the Linux contribution, especially for the GNOME project.

I will definitely invite more students to the GNOME Fest. Students from other communities like San Marcux, UNACINUX, LinuxIDES, UCSSINUX, COSOLIG and the new students I will meet in USIL. I calculated almost 90 students in the event.

Kindly regards,
Julita Inca









On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 4:50 PM, Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
The people in Lima/Callao with the strongest free software commitment
are in the UNACINUX and St Marcux groups.  If you like, I can put you
in touch with them.  The St Marcux group are students that learn to give
speeches about free software.

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