GNOME Fest sponsor

Hello GNOME Foundation,

My name is Julita Inca and I am current member of the GNOME Foundation.

I am planning to do a GNOME Fest very soon and I want you to ask if you can be our principal sponsor.

We are planning to make t-shirts, banners, coffee break and lot of stuff related to GNOME.

I did gathered a group of students from different universities in Lima, PerĂº.

Let me tell you that did before twice last year, with different students and no success because some are now graduated and they decide to work or take other ways.

But, in my third attempt, I got the attention of 5 students from UNI, PUCP and USIL. (this time include a girl who is very passionate and work so hard on this)

We have been practicing Python, we reviewed code of many GNOME projects and some of Ruby and Arduino ONE - module leds since August 2012 until now. [01] [02]

We also got some guidance from other students from Brazil and Macedonia that had previous experience with GNOME development and we did workshops online. [03]

Finally, this weekend we celebrated a COWorking where we got a result, it is not so wow success but I think is the first great step as a group and good for science. [04]

In the GNOME Fest, I want to present them and all our work we did. The 6 participants of this group called NoVAPython are going to present to the rest of the students our job.

I am planning to arrange a auditorium for at least 90 students, so I hope I can get your sponsorship with $250 in order to get a great event this year!



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