Sincerest apologies for the Spam

Some of you may have received spam purporting to be from me from a company called "Frank & Oak" in the last week. Please ignore or click "Unsubscribe" in the footer to stop the messages. I apologize profusely for the inconvenience, and am doing what I can to halt the spam.

You can quit reading right now if you have important things to do, but in case you're interested, I'll tell you the sordid story of how it happened....
  1. Once upon a time, I had to use my son's laptop for a web meeting, as the webcam on my other laptop is not working.
  2. That very afternoon, my son happily searched for Christmas gifts online from this same computer.
  3. A horrible website asked him for access to his contacts in order to offer him the opportunity to shop with a discount.
  4. Thinking that his own Google Plus account was active, knowing that he rarely uses Gmail and only has a few contacts, he agreed to share them through G+.
  5. As I had just used his laptop and had signed in to Gmail, it was MY ACCOUNT that was accessed, rather than his own. Too late, he noticed the mistake, but the spamming ensued. 
  6. All the usual maternal thoughts went through my mind, like, "I raised him to know better!" and, "What did I do to deserve this?" and mostly, "Thank God I can blame this all on him!!"
  7. My son has been duly reprimanded and instructed never to allow access to his contacts list, but...
  8. I also realized the awful truth. It was my own fault. I left my Google account open on his computer. I could have logged out, and from now on, I will.
We are both extremely sorry. 

One good thing has come out of all of this, though. I do get the opportunity to wish you all a very, very HAPPY HOLIDAY!

And all the best for the New Year-

Christy Eller

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