Re: New service:

I did successfully export Daniel's roster and mailed it to him. Did the same for you, that's all I can see on the database for the entry 'vuntz'. As a side note if any old member had an huge number of registered contacts, I can try to retrieve them from the old database if that's really needed.

Contact me on IRC if you need further assistance.

2013/4/30 Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>

Le lundi 29 avril 2013, à 13:21 +0200, Andrea Veri a écrit :
> Hello Foundation members,
> the new Jabber istance I promised I while back is ready to go. Some details
> about it:

Thanks for your work on this!

> 1. Which software are we using?
> We're currently using Prosody [1].
> 2. How JIDs will look like?
> JIDs will look this way: JID jabber gnome org (this to prevent any
> confusion between the mail alias and the JID used for the
> jabberd service.

I assume this means that XMPP subscriptions that were existing in the
old server will be lost with the new server. Is it possible to get an
export of the old subscriptions?



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