Re: ANNOUNCE: The GUADEC 2013 Call for Presentations is now open!

El dt 02 de 04 de 2013 a les 18:09 +0100, en/na Emmanuele Bassi va
Hi everyone!

The call for presentations for GUADEC 2013 in Brno is finally open.
You can register here:

and submit your talk once you receive the registration email.

I have attached the CfP body in the email, but the executive summary is:

  • talks are going to be submitted on the GUADEC website;


Sorry for asking here, but will be, at last, get a permanent version of
the website or is this wordpress instance expected to last only for this
GUADEC? It's already time to offload/invest (depending on how you look
at it) setting up a website/CfP/review process of each GUADEC team
organizers and just have (and improve) one over the years...

/me asking that since 2007...

Gil Forcada

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