Re: A few observations about GIMPNET

On 4 October 2012 17:09, Germán Póo-Caamaño <gpoo gnome org> wrote:
> I had the idea that most bots are there for awareness.  That is, to
> check the backlog later when a discussion (or the result) is not brought
> to a mailing list.  In GNOME we do not have public records of IRC, so
> one way to address the awareness issue (specially with timezone clash)
> is having a bot there.
> I find more value in a log of public channels.  So, we can link them in
> case a discussion did not hit a mailing list or the wiki (something like
> Some people might have privacy concerns,
> though.

If people are already running logging bots, I fail to see how someone
could use <privacy> as a reason to not have official IRC logs. Some
people never log out and have de facto logging too. It just means that
a bunch of people have to duplicate the work of recording what's being
discussed when they aren't signed in to IRC.


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