Re: Minutes for the board meeting of November 6th, 2012

On 11/20/2012 03:04 PM, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
== Board Meeting Agenda ==

  * Future adboard meetings
    * We need to plan the next adboard meeting. Last meeting was at GUADEC.
      * When should we have the next meeting?
      * What topics should we cover?
        * Ideas for the next campaigns for Friends of GNOME
        * Newcomer event, Outreach efforts funding
        * cross-desktop collaboration
        * report on GNOME OS meeting at GUADEC, Boston Summit, and on
the gnome-os-list
      * Discuss further ideas on the mailing list
    * When should we have the next adboard face-to-face meeting?

Were there any answers to these questions? I'm not sure if these are minutes, or a C&P of the agenda.

== Completed Actions ==

  * Bastien to notify the Strasbourg bid of the selection for GUADEC 2014

I haven't seen an announcement of this to guadec-list or foundation-list - is it official that Brno is the 2013 GUADEC location, and Strasbourg is the 2014 location now?

If so, would it be possible/advisable to do as LCA does, and have some people from Strasbourg sitting on the organising committee for this year's GUADEC, to learn by observing the organisers what needs to be done?

  * Shaun - To contact Dave Neary and Ekaterina Gerasimova to get a
list of attendees to get feedback for the summit.

Can I get a reminder what this was about? Is this the Berlin Desktop Summit? is this still a live action, or can it be dropped?


Dave Neary, Lyon, France
Email: dneary gnome org
Jabber: nearyd gmail com

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