Re: Questions for the board election candidates

On 2012-05-27 00:44, Stormy Peters wrote:
I try to avoid these conversations because I think there are lots of
over generalizations, stereotypes and emotions. I just want to say
that I generally use the term "open source" *and* I believe in many of
the values attributed to "free software". I don't believe that using
different terminology makes us as different as some portray.

I agree with this, in that I also think that folks in practice use the terms interchangeably, sometimes even when talking wholly about the ideals of freedom. I hate for us to get distracted too much arguing about terminology (as Joannie says), but I do think there is an important discussion about the importance of freedom to GNOME and the role of the GNOME Foundation in promulgating freedom. As a charitable nonprofit, I believe our existence must be based in the ideals of software freedom and our mission and public good are totally related to those ideals. (For example, we're not a trade association.) I think that in order to be true to our nonprofit mission, GNOME itself must be committed to freedom.


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