Re: Questions for the board election candidates

      * I find it disturbing and unfortunate that with the very many things
	these two groups have in common, the focus seems to always come
	back to the few differences which exist. And I wonder if that is in
	the best interest of either group. I myself do not think it is.

There is a logical reason for this.

The basic core idea in the free software movement is that nonfree
software is an injustice.  Ultimately we want all software to be free.
In the meantime, for our freedom's sake we want to avoid nonfree
software, and we should help others avoid it.

Everything else follows from this.

This core idea just happens to be the part that open source disagrees
with.  What we say is ethically imperative, they merely recommend for
practical advantage.

Their practical recommendations about software development are similar
to ours, except that they accept some nonfree licenses.

What the two camps have in common is equal to the open source camp's
position.  Where they differ includes the free software movement's
basic core idea, its principles.

Open source advocates recognize this.  Thus, they have frequently
suggested, "Let's set aside our differences and work together to
advocate the ideas we have in common."  Which is equivalent to, "Let's
all advocate the ideas of open source, and drop the free software
ethical principles."  Of course, the free software movement declines
the suggestion.

The free software movement's response is to look for ways to advocate
these principles more and better.  That is why I am asking candidates
how they will do more in GNOME to communicate these ideas.

I'm not asking candidates about their personal software usage.  I
would encourage you to reject nonfree software in your personal life,
but there's no reason to discuss that on this list.  The issue here is
what GNOME should do.

Dr Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110
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