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On Fri, 2012-05-25 at 18:33 +0100, Allan Day wrote:
> Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:
> ...
> >> Sometimes it can feel like the Board of Directors is a bit divorced
> >> from the rest of the GNOME project.
> >
> > I don't quite understand the question. The Board is not where technical
> > decisions are made, it's not where applications or new dependencies are
> > made.
> Yet it is still a governance body, and it is the only democratic one
> within GNOME. Only the Board can actually claim to represent the GNOME
> community.
> > What were your expectations of the Board doing, and that they don't
> > deliver on?
> My question was not guided by personal expectations. I'm interested in
> how the Board can enhance our community.
> > Why do you think the Board of Directors is "divorced" from
> > the project?
> I personally don't hear or see very much of what the board gets up to,
> and I don't feel like Foundation membership provides me with much in
> the way of additional influence. As a member of the board, you might
> be in a position to change that.

On one hand, the meeting minutes should be a good way to know to be
aware of what the board is doing (or not doing). In my first year, I
pestered to make them public as soon as possible (3 or 4 days after the
meeting).  IMO, late minutes are meaningless.  I blame myself for having
the time and energy in the last year to pester the new secretary, but
definitively that is something that any member can do and influence.
The meetings are every two weeks and any member can add topics the

On the other hand, in the last years the board has been trying to
empower teams and people rather than centralizing power.  For instance,
the hackfest organization process is straightforward and it does not
have be an activity proposed/organized by the board anymore.  The board
acts as helper of the contributors who want to do more and a bridge with
companies when needed.

I think there is room for improvement, but I will not spoil the
candidates :-)

Germán Póo-Caamaño

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