Re: A question for the candidates

2012/5/25 Allan Day <allanpday gmail com>:
> Hi all,
> Thanks to all the candidates for stepping forward. It's fantastic that
> you are interested in doing this important work.

Thank you.

> A question for you:
> Sometimes it can feel like the Board of Directors is a bit divorced
> from the rest of the GNOME project. Is this a problem, in your view?
> If it is, what do you think can be done about it?

I think the Board could be more visible, currently being on the
outside I recently spent 3 weeks with non-communications with my board
contact (Karen) during the late stages of planning a hackfest. Not
knowing what to do or what the protocol was proved fairly distressing
and I suspect not helpful to GNOME overall if such situations proves

There are some minor things I would like to see, if you contact the
board list, getting an acknowledge that your question was received and
notification of when the next meeting where there will be time to
debate it, if needed, is scheduled would help a lot.

Likewise I don't think I have seen breakdowns of how Board members
have voted on issues anywhere which I would personally consider
valuable in terms of selecting a candidate to vote for (or to hold
someone accountable).

That being said, I think I would like to observe the Board more
closely to see where it can do better in feeling as a more organic
part of GNOME before making any big promises or suggestions. I only
have some limited personal experience and haven't heard any reports of
widespread problems. Perhaps it is an area where we need more input to
identify our problems, so I would like to encourage people to step
forward and tells us where it hurts.


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