Re: Brian Cameron - Stepping down from the board

On 05/22/2012 09:53 PM, Luis Villa wrote:
> Brian-
> Thanks for your selfless service the past few years. Your dedication,
> including to some of the board's most thankless tasks, has been
> admirable and will be very difficult for the board to replace.

I want to second that.  Having been on the board for a few terms with Brian, I
too fully appreciate all the leadership he has shown over the years lifting
where no one else wanted to.


> Luis
> On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 6:15 PM, Brian Cameron <brian cameron oracle com> wrote:
>> Friends in the GNOME community:
>> After serving 4 terms on The GNOME Foundation board of directors, I will
>> be stepping down at the end of this term.
>> I would like to thank everyone in the community who has supported me
>> and allowed me to represent them on this board.  It has been a
>> profoundly rewarding and truly inspirational experience to help The
>> GNOME Foundation and GNOME community to grow.
>> The years that I have served on the board have been exciting and
>> productive times.  I am proud to have served as president and secretary;
>> to have been involved with the development, release and celebration
>> surrounding the GNOME 3 release; and to have helped with the
>> development of successful GNOME programs like the Outreach Program for
>> Women.  In my time on the board, I have witnessed so much growth within
>> the community.  Since then, the GNOME Foundation has hired two executive
>> directors, started having successful annual summits in Asia, and has
>> more than doubled the number of hackfests held each year.  Just to
>> mention a few highlights.
>> My stepping down should not be viewed as me becoming less involved
>> with GNOME.  I plan to continue working on GNOME for Oracle and expect
>> that I will continue helping the GNOME Foundation and community in
>> many ways.  I mostly feel that it is just time for me to step down to
>> reclaim some of my life back.  4.5 years (including one 18-month term
>> in 2008-2009) is a long time to serve on The GNOME Foundation board of
>> directors.  I believe that only Jonathan Blandford served as a board
>> member for a longer period of time (5 years).
>> With the two most senior board members (Germán and myself) both
>> stepping down at the end of this term, it is especially important for
>> passionate people to serve the community.  So I again encourage people
>> who are considering to run for the board to step forward.  It is a great
>> way to increase one's involvement with GNOME and free software and to
>> help make sure that GNOME continues to rock.
>> Brian
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