Re: Announcing Board of Directors Elections 2012

Foundation Members:

Anyone considering running for the board should read this:

On 05/16/12 09:10 AM, Tobias Mueller wrote:
Just a quick reminder that as per
the last day to announce candidacies and submit summary statements is
this Sunday, the 2012-05-20.

Thanks for the reminder, Tobias.  Already several exciting candidates
have stepped forward, including:

- David Nielsen   (GNOME Community Volunteer)
- Bastien Nocera  (Red Hat UK Ltd)
- Emmanuele Bassi (Intel Corporation)
- Andreas Nilsson (GNOME Community Volunteer)
- Joanmarie Diggs (Igalia, S.L.)

Having worked closed with all these people, I highly recommend them all.
It is great to see that 3 of these candidates are folks who have served
as officers on the board before, a candidate who will represent the
FOSS a11y community, and GNOME Community Volunteers.  Yet, with only 5
people, more people need to step forward or we will need to extend the

So, as we are rapidly approaching the 11th hour, I want to encourage
those people who have been seriously considering running for the board
to do so.  The GNOME Foundation needs your help.  There is a lot of
work to do in the upcoming months.

For example, it has been a tradition at GUADEC to announce the location
of the next year's GUADEC event.  The GNOME Foundation and the KDE e.V.
board is currently working to put together a Press Release that will
highlight our future plans.  You should expect to see this shortly.
Until then, it is not possible to start the bidding process for next
year's event.  So, we are running late on this.  GUADEC planning like
this is going to be the amongst the first big tasks that the new board
will need to help with.  Boston Summits and hackfests need to be

So, I am disappointed that to see that nobody who is on the GUADEC
or GNOME.Asia organizing committees or others with event planning
experience seem to be considering representing their teams on the
board.  Likewise, I think the board would particularly benefit from
more representation from the marketing, usability, and design teams.  I
would like to encourage more GNOME Community Volunteers to consider
running, and people with other affiliations (Lionel?).  I would like to
encourage people who are considering running to do so, and particularly
encourage someone from Canonical (Rodrigo?) or Suse to consider.  I
privately encouraged Joanie and Max (from GNOME.Asia) to run and am
especially happy to see you took the dive, Joanie.


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