European bank account for donations


Recently I noticed the fundraiser for GNOME Accessibility. Even though I
personally have no interest in accessibility features whatsoever, I'm
quite satisfied with GNOME nowadays so I decided to donate something

The fundraiser page [1] offers two options for donating: PayPal or a
bank transfer to a bank in the USA.

PayPal is a company I don't want to do any business with since they
decided to sabotage WikiLeaks. That leaves only the bank transfer to the
USA as an option, but this has a great disadvantage.

Not only does my Dutch bank require an IBAN-number for foreign bank
transfers – which the fundraiser page does not provide – the cost for a
transfer to the USA is prohibitive.

My bank charges € 5 for transfers to countries not belonging to the EEA
[2] and if I pay for the costs of the receiving bank in the USA another
€ 9 is added. By contrast, my bank (and I assume many other banks in the
Netherlands and the EU) charges no fee for bank transfers within the

So in short, could the GNOME Foundation provide a bank account at a bank
in the EEA so that most Europeans can donate without any additional cost
(I'm sure PayPal also takes a cut)?

Alexander van Loon


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