Re: GNOME Foundation Board Elections Spring 2012 - Preliminary Results

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012, Bastien Nocera wrote:

> Reading the results[1], I saw in round 3:
> "Candidate Bastien Nocera was chosen by breaking the tie randomly."
> How was this done randomly? What would the results have been if
> Emmanuele was selected as the tie-breaker instead?

The OpenSTV software asked me to either break the tie manually or 
randomly for the candidates Bastien Nocera and Emmanuele Bassi.

I did select the 'Random' option but tried generating the results with 
the 'Manual' option by selecting both the two availale choices. The 
final results were exactly the same.

You can reproduce this by:

1. grabbing the publicly available .blt file at [1].
2. downloading the OpenSTV software (apt-get install openstv or
   by compiling it for any other distribution [2], couldn't find 
   a working RPM)
3. simulating the election by selecting the 'Scottish STV' option.




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