Re: FOSDEM stand

Le 23/01/12 08:58, Tobias Mueller a écrit :
> Hey folks :)
> Let me draw your attention at the wiki:
> <>. It'd be awesome
> if you could add yourself to the list of people helping out at the
> FOSDEM stand. So far, it's only a couple of people willing to help.
> On 21.12.2011 16:48, Lionel Dricot wrote:
>> If I need to
>> do something else, please be sure to check that with me first.
> Lionel: Can you install (or update) the machines in the EventBox?

I haven't received the boxes yet. I may do that if I receive them early
enough. I assume that they are already installed and I only have to
upgrade them to the latest version. I also assume they are running
Fedora (which is, AFAIK, the closest to GNOME upstream). Should I switch
to Rawhide or do something else?

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