Re: GNOME Quarterly Reports

I wasn't aware of these reports until I saw this thread.
Yes the reports are un-exciting, but they contain useful information.

Jared Jennings
jaredljennings gmail com

On Dec 16, 2012, at 7:27 AM, Emily Gonyer <emilyyrose gmail com> wrote:

> I think making Quarterly Reports more interesting & accessible makes a
> lot of sense - whether that means rolling them into a magazine-type
> feature, or something else I'm not sure. Essentially making them less
> technical so that people outside the community find them interesting
> and worth reading. Right now, I wonder how many people read them -
> they were a great help in putitng the annual report together last
> year, but otherwise don't seem to be read or used by much of anyone.
> Emily

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