Re: Minutes for the Board Meeting of July 13, 2012

hi Dave;

On 24 August 2012 16:09, Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> wrote:
> Hi Emmanuele,
> Are you the secretary of the new board?

I am still the secretary, yes.

> Is there any way to get the minutes out in a more timely manner, please?

I described the minute-taking and publishing here:

> Hearing about things 5-6 weeks after the event isn't very useful.

I completely agree; the agenda is on the wiki before I send it to the
mailing list, but in the past couple of meetings its been edited for
removing private items until very late in the process - and GUADEC
happened in the middle, and we changed the day of the meeting from
Tuesday to Friday.

I will be able to resume sending the minutes for the previous meeting
before the following one now that the situation settled down.

thanks for keeping me in line. :-)

> Actually, even more useful would be notice of the agenda for board meetings
> to foundation-list a couple of days before they happen. Would that be
> possible?

that's an interesting proposal; we do have private items on the
agenda, and in some cases the agenda is updated at the very last
minute, so the public agenda may not be an accurate reflection of what
is going to be discussed at the actual meeting, especially if send a
couple of days before.

Andreas, given that you're the president and the person that assembles
the agenda: would it be reasonable for you to send it to
foundation-announce after editing the private items? do other board
members and foundation members have any objection?


> On 08/24/2012 05:01 PM, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
>> wiki:
>> = Minutes for Meeting of July 13, 2012 =
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